Friday, April 27, 2012

Oh the laziness!

So I have not really put in any miles this week. What I mean by that is my last run was last Saturday which is my 6 mile hill training run. I have no one to blame but myself. I had opportunities to get my butt out the door, but I chose my bed instead. This kind of behavior is unexceptable. I need to put in the milage to get ready for my half marathon that is now 1 month away. I am not stressing it because I know what to do. And I will get it done. I have though been working on my core and doing my weight training. Well that is about it. I hope everyone is happy and health. Keep moving forward!

Monday, April 16, 2012

Holy Cats!

Well I see its been a while since my last post. Running has been going well. I finally felt comfortable enough to start my 6 mile hill training course again. This run always kicks my butt, but I always feel great completing it. I was a little worried about my hip flaring up after this run. But it's been 2 days since and no issues. In my best Homer voice "WOOHOO!". The Buffalo half marathon is coming up at the end of May. I am nervous about this race. I know that my normal finish time of 1hr 43min to 1hr 46min is not in the cards right now. But I really want to finish under 2hrs. I have never finished over that time and I would like to keep it that way. My gym work has been inconsistent. I am trying to change that. How is everyone else doing with their training? I hope everyone is well. Well that's about it. I hope everyone is happy and healthy.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012


Well if you had not seen this on my facebook page yet. I am registered for the 2012 Buffalo,Ny Half Marathon. I know I said I would never run this again(the course went over train tracks and me and 100 other people got stuck waiting for one to go by). But needed to set a goal to work towards and I felt this was far enough out that I will have to proper time to train for it. And so far so good. I have gotten in 2 consecutive runs and plan on getting in the third tomorrow. And that is really about it. Oh also I am not making any promises yet, but I am eyeing a return to WDW Marathon weekend in January. Keeping fingers crossed on this one. I hope everyone is happy and healthy.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

New kicks

Well after about 6 months with the same shoes I decided that it was time to get me a new pair of shoes to run in. I ended up getting the Brooks Adrenaline GTS 12. I was running in the 11 version last year and liked the shoe. I had been using the Asics 21 series for years and noticed that they could not hold my heel in them anymore(because of my custom orthodics I need that extra hold in the heel). These seem to do the trick so far, but we shall see once I break them in. Did an easy 2.24mile run in them today to start to break them in. Well that's about it I hope everyone is happy and healthy.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Well hello there!

So ok I know it has been a rrrrrreeeeeeaaaaaallllllyyyyyy long time since I had posted anything on my old blog. When it was all said and done I decided it was time to take it down. I felt it was time to start anew. Well where the heck have I been you might ask? Well home working out, using the elliptical at the gym. I have not put in any real road miles in a long time(months actually). Why well because I had a real bad set back with my hip post surgery. Things were going great with rehab and then getting back on the road to put in some milage and BAM! one morning I couldn't move. I couldnt put any weight on my hip at all. Bending down was also not an option. I saw my surgeon and he took some x-rays and he said that they looked fine and that it is most likely inflamation in the joint. So I stayed away from everything for a good month. I started back up at the gym and when I felt confident enough I started using the elliptical. Things have been going really good so far(until I got this sinus infection that I am almost over)so hopefully the road miles will start up soon. Now my diet has been a complete disaster and I have gained back a lot of weight that I had taken off from my years of running. Years to lose it only a few months to gain it right back. OH well such is life. Now on to some Team Voice business. First off I want to congratulate all who finished their respective races at the WDW Marathon Weekend recently especially Amanda! I was so inspired by what you did and all you had to deal with to finish the Goofy. Your finish has been a big insperation to me to get things going again and I want to say thanks. I would post this on your blog, but for some reason blogger will not let me comment on your blog. So how have things in Team Voice land been going? I have not seen any emails nothing has been really posted on the blog ( or heard of any skype meets. Are we still going strong? Is there still a Team Voice? I truely do hope so on the last one because your guys support really helped me push through some tuff crap in my running career. On that note I will end it here. Sorry about the blog it is under construction and I hope to get it in order soon. Till then "KEEP MOVING FORWARD!"